Birth of Marathon

The birthplace of the modern-day sporting event called marathon is ideally a place called “Marathon” in Greece. The Legend that gives rise to the sport is the legend of Philippines, the messenger. It is with this legendary tale that I am started my post archive

Breaking the color barrier

The first African-American to play in major league baseball and the person who opened the gates for many more people. An inspiration and role model for multiple people including all genders and races who slayed the idea of racist sporting events. Robinson was anti-race-based discrimination from the initial stages of his life itself when revolted … Continue reading Breaking the color barrier

Captain cool: Where it all started!

They were brushed off by the media and the other players alike for not having enough experience and firepower to go far in the tournament. Little did anyone know that this tournament will change the way cricket is perceived in India. Check out the post to know more!

The disqualified winner.

Sometimes, a passion hits you so hard that you forget everything else in the vicinity. Such was the case with Dorando Pietri, a cook in a café in Italy. A marathon was occurring in the vicinity of the café dorando worked in, marathon was in all its grandeur with Pericle Pagliani leading. Dorando was mused with this sport and legend has it that he started running the marathon in clothes of a cook. He finished the race before Pagliani.

Armenian Boar

Derived from Middle Persian warāz meaning "boar" combined with Middle Persian dātan "to give", the name Varazdat (Persian: ورازداد‎) roughly means "given by boars" or "giver of boars,"[2] a boar being a symbol for valor and fierceness. The tradition of the Olympic Games, which existed in ancient Greece, originated as part of a religious cult. … Continue reading Armenian Boar

The Hermanator

A kid from Flachau, Austria, whose parents were managing a ski school. Maier was always drawn to skiing from a young age until a growth disorder at the age of 15 stopped him from competing in the sport temporarily. Hermann then started competing in regional and local circuits winning almost all of them. Skiing can … Continue reading The Hermanator


Considered to be one of the fastest woman of all times. Started off chasing jack rabbits in her lawn she went on to set a record that is still standing in 100m and 200m races. Allegations from co-athletes followed the results suggesting use of performance enhancement drugs. Such was her feat and sprinting prowess. Let … Continue reading Flo-JO

Hand of God?

Maradona is a name almost everyone familiar with word football knows. His feats are legendary for his nation and this is what makes him the special topic for this blog. As the name suggests, Hand of god, is a goal scored by Maradona during quarter final match against England. And it was scored with hand! … Continue reading Hand of God?