Why is it important to have a good physio per player ratio for a team sport?

Physiotherapy is still a budding profession globally and considering sports, players have begun respecting and know more about what physios are and what is their job. How many therapists are needed to support the staff adequately? Find out more in this blog.

How Olympic lifting affects cricket players?

Olympic lifts tend to utilise all the muscles of the body making it a compound movement and the most advanced one at that. Many of the sportsmen across the world use lifting to improve their power and strength. This trend was brought to India by none other than Virat kohli. Let us analyse in depth, how does olympic lifting affect anyone? And more specifically affect cricketers.

Bumpy Ride Of IPL’s Honcho

Ironically, the wealthiest cricketing board in today’s world, BCCI, which generates most of its revenue from IPL, had first turned down its proposal. Check out more on the blog!

The Unplayable ball

Shane Warne had just played a total of 11 test matches and taken 31 wickets till 1993 Ashes series in England. The pitch was old Trafford, Manchester, renowned for benefitting the spin bowling. Shane warne was a leg-spinner, a type of spin considered to be outdated by the cricketing pundits and public dismissed him as a promising-yet outdated spinner.