Cycling his way to dreams: Chris Hoy

Hoy, at a tender age of 6, was fascinated by the very idea of how racing bikes can be manipulated and that’s why he took to cycling- So something that excited him, that sounded fun, something he could enjoy! That’s the most important thing!

Langdi and its incredible use in training the modern day athlete!

A traditional sport played across India (especially Maharashtra) for eons, it involves 2 teams with 12 players each and a rectangular area where a 1 vs 3 situation is formed. 1 ~ the player from chasing team who hops on one foot and tries to catch the 3 defenders in the area. The name Langdi(लंगडी in Marathi) is, as a word, derived from the situation of hopping on one foot!

King James!

The stuff of dreams is what you call LeBron’s story. After being touted as the next basketball superstar from his high school in Ohio, LeBron was immediately drafted and picked by Cleveland cavaliers in 2003. Yes, he skipped school for Ball, and won the rookie of the year award from NBA the same season, “Stuff of dreams”.

Editorial: Heart Rate and Vital Stats monitoring in sports!

Fitness trackers have taken the world by storm. HR, Steps, calories, sleep cycles and even rate and depth of breathing can now be monitored. Quoting from a social media post, “after so many useless trends and fads, is the fitness trend here to stay?” And therein lies the flaw- trends don’t ‘stay’. Lifestyles and behaviours do. And whether the trend is here to stay, it may be too early to say. But whatever may be the case, we are all now more familiar, if not already accustomed, to this monitoring. Click here to read more!