The Fosbury flop

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, Fosbury started adapting to new and better positions in the high jump. Failures came first and the early attempts at perfecting a new technique rattled Fosbury, garnering him some laughs along the way. 

Editorial: There’s so much to it!

Perspective, precision and perfection are essential in every profession, especially so in healthcare, as they expect you to solve all your client's problems. Check the editorial to read the entire article.

Badminton: The Sport and the science behind it!

Badminton has been present since a long time but it developed as a modern day sport in 19th century. It originated from an older sibling game being played in India from centuries, the game rose to the liking of expatriate officers from the British raj and some who went back to England started the badminton association of England under revised rules and regulations. Since then it grew in fame across all the continents but its dominance within the Asian countries was undoubtedly the greatest. In 1992 it got inducted into Olympic summer sport games. Read more about it here!