Freiberg’s Infarction

Patients with Freiberg's infraction typically complain of pain with activity, increasing on walking and in high heels. Clinically, tenderness on compression and movement. Swelling is usually present as well. The patient may or may not show decreased joint ROM depending on the stage of the disease process.

Gabriela Andersen-Schiess

1984 was a huge step towards equality, and what a glorious marathon it was. U.S.A’s Joan benoit won the marathon 1 minute and half faster than the succeeding women finishing 2 hours, 24 minutes and 52 seconds. The crowd cheered and applauded her as she finished the course but what made the marathon more memorable than anything else was the entry of Gabriela Andersen-scheiss 20 minutes after Benoit finished.

Video Games and its effectiveness in developing sport related skills

We have always heard from the elders about the side effects of playing video games and the result it has on a child's psyche, but, we haven't yet explored the possibility of developing certain characteristics using virtual reality.

The Fosbury flop

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, Fosbury started adapting to new and better positions in the high jump. Failures came first and the early attempts at perfecting a new technique rattled Fosbury, garnering him some laughs along the way. 

King James!

The stuff of dreams is what you call LeBron’s story. After being touted as the next basketball superstar from his high school in Ohio, LeBron was immediately drafted and picked by Cleveland cavaliers in 2003. Yes, he skipped school for Ball, and won the rookie of the year award from NBA the same season, “Stuff of dreams”.

Documentary Revisit: Fire in Babylon

How did the West Indies (Windies) come to be one of the most aggressive and powerful sides in world cricket? Revisiting the historic documentary: Fire in Babylon! 

Why is it important to have a good physio per player ratio for a team sport?

Physiotherapy is still a budding profession globally and considering sports, players have begun respecting and know more about what physios are and what is their job. How many therapists are needed to support the staff adequately? Find out more in this blog.

Bumpy Ride Of IPL’s Honcho

Ironically, the wealthiest cricketing board in today’s world, BCCI, which generates most of its revenue from IPL, had first turned down its proposal. Check out more on the blog!

Captain cool: Where it all started!

They were brushed off by the media and the other players alike for not having enough experience and firepower to go far in the tournament. Little did anyone know that this tournament will change the way cricket is perceived in India. Check out the post to know more!